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Z11-044_718 Metal Pots
Metal pots, courtesy of Vietnam Pottery, include attractive metal planters and metal window boxes designed to enhance any home or garden design! Our metal pottery act as the perfect container for flowers, plants, and whatever else you plant in these artistically crafted metal planters.
PLS11-11_717 13 Ways to Get More Bang for Your Container Gardening Buck
You can spend a ridiculous amount of money container gardening. Trust me, I have. This year I’m determined not to. Yes, I will spend, but I’m going to try to spend less and smarter. Here are some tips on how to save money on your container gardens.
LT11-053_716 10 Reasons to Try Container Gardening

Container is easy: Think you're a plant killer, or haven’t ever tried to garden? Container gardening is a great place to start. Even a complete novice can create a spectacular container garden in very little time. All you really need to get started is a container, some potting soil and either seeds or plants.

Vietnam Pottery JSC - Vietnam pottery, vietnam flower pot, vietnam planter, ceramic glazed pot, ceramic rustic pot, vase, poly resin pot, terracotta pot, terrazzo, light terrazzo pot, metal (zinc) pot, concrete (light cement) pot, rattan pot, hanging pot, wall pot, ceramic statue, ball, fountain, animal, fiberglass pot - Homepage Image The difference between Pottery, Ceramics and Majolica, with special regard to Italian Ceramics
I’ve been dealing with Italian Ceramics for quite a long time: I collect them, I read about them , I sell them. When I have to write in English or talk with one of my American Customers I’m always uncertain: should I say Italian Pottery, Italian Ceramics or Italian Majolica? In order to do away with any doubt, I did some research and ran some tests. I learned quite a lot on the subject and I would love to share my findings with you.
029_711 Terracotta pottery
Terracotta pottery has long been a favorite among gardeners and landscapers for multiple reasons. As suggested by its very name ("terra cotta" is Italian for "baked earth") it is completely natural, made of clay that has been baked or kiln-fired.

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Your home and garden are special areas. We work hard to locate original pieces of terracotta, vases, planters & pots all designed with superior craftsmanship, using the highest quality materials & durable finishes to furnish your home & garden or pool & patio areas. We have used great care when hand selecting each & every item we carry. Our search has resulted in unique items not seen at any neighborhood home and garden center. We have assembled our best selection of pottery, planters, clay pots, yard & garden items & vases into one location, and offer these outstanding pots, vases & planters to you in our secure online shopping center. We sincerely hope your shopping with Vietnam Pottery JSC is an enjoyable one. Let us bring the beauty of terra cotta vases, plaques, animal planters, planters, flower pots, yard & garden pots, pottery & terra cotta pots into your home & garden for your beautiful landscape design. For your home or wholesale business Vietnam Pottery JSC can provide great customer service, concrete pottery, vietnamese, greek, ceramic, polyresin pottery, fiberglass, terracotta & more.